POLL: Who is the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S character?

There have been so many iconic and funny moments over the ten years it was on the air.

Conversed by many as the best sitcom of all time, the show began on September 22nd 1994 w/ 'The Pilot'.

There have been talks of a reunion in a movie, which we're kind of glad has been quashed by the actors themselves.  

Opinion is certainly split as to who the worst of the group was *cough Ross*

But it's even more so when you talk about the best.

So we've put it out to you to decide!

We're asking our readers to vote on the best FRIEND.

Sadly, despite clearly being the best character, Gunther isn't included.

Take our poll below!

Make sure to leave your reasons as to why in the comments or replies.

  1. Who was the best FRIENDS character?

    Warner Bros
    1. 1caea20e681ce50e375d2524a66808c3
      Chandler Bing
    2. main qimg 48e80ac99687f3b45189cf802d72a5de
      Monica Geller
    3. 9d191ee4d69eba7ee7bd630c6559b540
      Rachel Green
    4. unnamed
      Joey Tribbiani
    5. original
      Ross Geller
    6. 4ab6c2362e2e32866b8f1094175e246d
      Phoebe Buffay
    6 votes
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