Top 15 Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time Ranked. Upvote Now.

Scariest movies that you might never want to see.

When I was asked to place together a ranked list of the simplest horror movies of all time, I assumed it might be a fun project. then I collated about 150 titles, tried to whittle that list down, and nearly went insane a minimum of 3 times. Then I had a couple of anxiety attacks after realizing what percentage people would call me a moron for leaving their favorite horror film off the list, passed out for 2 days, woke up, and finished writing.

After an initial effort that put the entire at 10 movies, I bumped the amount up to 15 total. Please don't pay excessive attention to the particular "rankings," though it is often fun to argue out the top 10 on a listing like this.

 As always, the suggestion box is open if you think that I've gotten it horribly wrong, or horrifically right. What movie did I miss?

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