Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Live In Worldwide (2020)

A coffee is approximately $0.73

Have you ever dreamt of living during a country where all of your living expenses are under $1,000?

Well, if you have, then you’ll be pleased to understand that the countries listed below offer exactly that!

This list has been created based on accommodation and living expenses per month, for one person living on their own.

From countries in the Far East to tropical paradises in Central America, these are the ten cheapest countries to measure worldwide.

The 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Worldwide

The list of countries and figures mentioned below are compiled from various sources around the web, such as Forbes, Wikipedia & Nomad List

These are the 5 cheapest countries to live in worldwide.

  1. 5 Argentina

    Cheapest Countries Argentina

    Cost: $542/Month

    Coming in at number five on our list is Argentina.

    A mere $542 a month can get one person accommodation and living expenses for an entire month in one of the cheapest cities in Argentina, Salta.

    Argentina is another Spanish speaking country, located within the southern half of South America.

    It borders, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, the South Atlantic Ocean, and therefore the Drake Passage.

    Argentina is that the eighth-largest country within the world and therefore the second largest after Brazil, with a complete population of just over 44 million people and covering a mainland area of two,780, 400 km².

    If you’re considering living in Argentina, as it’s one among the cheapest countries within the world; then you’ll be pleased to know that you simply can get a one-bedroom apartment for $100 a month, or roughly $27 an evening counting on the time of year. this may be located within the city of Salta.

    A meal out will cost you approximately $1.70, beer is around $0.80 and occasional is roughly $0.55.

  2. 4 Vietnam

    Cheapest Countries Vietnam

    Cost: $500/Month

    Vietnam will cost you all of $500 to measure certain a whole month, as it’s one among the cheapest countries within the world far and away.

    It’s the easternmost country on the South-East Asian Indochina and shares borders with China, Laos, and Cambodia.

    Vietnam has approximately 95.5 million people living across a complete of 331,212 km².

    Its capital city is Hanoi, but Ho Chi Minh city is its most populated city.

    When choosing an area to remain in Vietnam, the cheapest city, Nah Trang, will cost you around $259 a month for a one-bedroom apartment within the city, or $24 an evening in an Airbnb.

    All your other essentials like food, beer, and coffee will cost approximately, $0.58 for a coffee, $0.86 for a beer, and $1.73 for a meal out.

    There are many cheap things to do to stay you busy in Vietnam, and once you’ve been living there for a short time, like most places on the list, you’ll probably be ready to find even cheaper accommodation and activities.

  3. 3 Nepal

    Cheapest Countries Nepal

    Cost: $451/Month

    Breaking the $500 a month mark in Nepal, which is the third cheapest country to measure worldwide.

    Nepal is found in South-East Asia, mainly within the Himalayas, but also includes parts within the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

    It has a complete current population of 29.3 million people living across a complete landmass of 147,181km².

    Bordering China and India, Nepal is that the forty-eighth largest country by population and therefore the ninety-third largest country by area within the world.

    $164 will get you a one-bedroom studio in one among Nepal’s cheapest cities, Pokhara; or you’ll spend approximately $23 an evening in an Airbnb.
    One beer will cost you around $1, coffee is approximately $0.73, and a meal out can cost around $2.08.

  4. 2 Bolivia

    Cheapest Countries Bolivia

    Cost: $431/Month

    Bolivia may be a landlocked country, located within the western a part of South-America.

    Its current population is approximately 11.05 million people living across a complete area of 1,098,581km².

    The capital city of Bolivia is Sucre, and Bolivia is formed up of a multiethnic society, including, American Indians, Africans, Asians, Europeans, and Mestizos.

    Bolivia is that the fifth largest country in South America and therefore the 27th largest country within the world.

    For those of you that talk Spanish, you’ll be pleased to understand that Spanish is that the official and predominant language of Bolivia; however, there also are thirty-six other indigenous languages spoken within the country.

    A one-bedroom studio in La Paz, one among the cheapest cities in Bolivia, will cost you around $145 a month, or $23 an evening in an Airbnb.

    Both beer and occasional are around about $1 each, and you certainly won’t break the bank when eating out, as a typical meal will cost you all of $2.

  5. 1 Indonesia

    Cheapest Countries Indonesia

    Cost: $340/Month

    The cheapest place to measure in, worldwide, is Indonesia.

    Indonesia, or the Republic of Indonesia, is found between the Indian and Pacific oceans, in South-East Asia.

    Home to approximately 17,000 islands, it’s the worlds largest island country and features a total population of 264 million people, which also makes it the worlds 4th most populated country.

    There are certain places in Indonesia, like Bali and Jakarta that are more like the worth to other major western cities around the world.

    However, places like Senggigi in Lombok can provide you with accommodation and living expenses for as little as $340 a month.

    You’re watching paying approximately $142 a month for a one-bedroom studio, or $12 an evening for a hotel.

    The luxury essentials like beer, coffee, and coconuts cost as little as $0.89 for a beer, $0.10 for a coconut, $0.71 for coffee, and $1.77 for a meal out.

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